Our story

Allium Associates Ltd was founded in 2002 by
Paul Mendelsohn, a former director of Ivax and
Merck Generics.

Today, the company - rebranded Pharmawise - has emerged as a specialist consulting firm with direct experience and deep expertise in the generic pharmaceutical sector.

Consult the experts, not the expert consultants

Throughout his corporate career, Paul developed and maintained a strong network of experts and learned the value of practical experience in dealing with the challenges of building and developing a strong pharmaceutical business, especially in the fast-paced generic industry.

He came to realise that, in order to make the right strategic decisions, business leaders needed advisers who understood how all the functional areas of their business worked together. Deep functional expertise in itself wasn’t enough; neither was the purely strategic overview of the conventional consultant. Both were necessary to ensure that change was well conceived, implemented and received throughout an organisation.

With this insight and group of industry experts, Paul founded Allium Associates in 2002. Their offer to the pharmaceutical sector was, and remains, unique: ‘Consult the experts, not the expert consultants.’ Simply put, no other consultancy can match their capabilities in the generic sector.

Allium Associates expanded quickly, developing its own processes and know-how, and offering due diligence and business development services.

Today, to keep pace with clients and the changing economic climate, the company has evolved into Pharmawise Ltd - offering new capabilities to serve the needs of forward-thinking pharmaceutical organisations. 

About Paul Mendelsohn

  • Founder and Managing Director of Pharmawise
  • 20 years of international experience in all aspects of the healthcare industry, from retail pharmacy to APIs, generic pharmaceuticals and branded OTC medicines; and with companies ranging from large multinational groups to start-up organisations
  • Paul has worked for, and helped build, top international generic pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, including Merck Generics and Ivax, where he was responsible for global business development
  • Previously co-founded venture capital firm New Generation partners Inc. Board member of two of the funded companies and Executive VP of the NASDAQ-listed Parent Company

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