Operational and supply chain strategy

We have deep expertise in this field, developed over many years. Applying our extensive benchmarking databases and understanding of operational key performance indictors - such as overall equipment effectiveness and total inventory - we are able to measure and improve the efficiency of our clients’ assets and processes, thereby reducing their manufacturing costs.

Bottom-line benefit

A mid-size pharmaceutical manufacturer estimates that for every billion dollars in pharmaceutical revenue, each percentage point improvement in OEE is worth $7 million in savings.

Pharmawise have developed a world-class team of operational experts and associates in this field. We focus on key related sectors:

  • Pharmaceutical branded(rx); Generic (gx); and Over-the-counter (OTC)
  • Medical device

Our proprietary know-how includes specialist databases and operational benchmarking across the pharmaceutical industry. Offering our clients a path to low-cost goods, production efficiencies and improved customer service, we provide:

  • Rapid analytics
  • Portfolio management
  • Conversion cost assessment
  • Cost driver analysis
  • Capacity assessment
  • Opportunity assessment from supply
    optimisation/planning improvements
  • Quality cost driver benchmarks
  • Inventory benchmarking
  • Third party deal review
  • Distribution optimisation (primary and secondary)
  • Procurement and API source optimisation

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