Due diligence support

The due diligence process is exhaustive and its timeframes demanding. We have developed rapid analytics to support the process.

Our services are specifically designed to meet the needs of private equity and strategic investors in assessing complex organisations such as multinational pharmaceutical companies or medical device companies.

As a specialist due diligence consulting firm, recognised as one of the world's leading management consulting firms in our field, Pharmawise enhances client business decisions by combining a thorough understanding of technologies, logistics, corporate strategy and finance with an ability to summarise complex issues clearly and concisely.

Our services include:

  • Initial validation of targets
  • Initial ‘red flag’ report
  • Detailed on-site due diligence visits
  • Detailed review of operations and opportunities for growth
  • Continuous client updates on findings
  • The preparation of business cases, integration and growth
    acceleration plans

Strict confidentiality is maintained throughout.

How we work

In all our due diligence and management consulting projects, we apply proven methodologies to provide well-reasoned recommendations, often working to extremely tight deadlines.

For us, success means coming up with the right answers to the right questions concerning a proposed business. It means ensuring that our clients understand our analysis, agree with and act upon our recommendations, and want to use us again in the future. In short,
we are successful if, and only if, our clients are successful.

We assist:

  • Clients who are undertaking direct investments, partnerships, joint ventures, and mergers & acquisitions
  • Incumbent management teams
  • Leading private equity investors, securities analysts, corporate development groups and management teams

What next?

Post-transaction integration planning is critical for success and should
start during the due diligence process.

It therefore makes sense to involve the Pharmawise due diligence team, with their intimate knowledge of your organisation, in the integration planning process. We will form, implement and accelerate a comprehensive post-transaction integration plan to ensure your business goals are achieved.

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