About us

Pharmawise is a specialist pharmaceutical consultancy. We give our clients strategic, commercial and scientific advice and support through our international network of industry experts.

With deep expertise in your sector, we can help you tackle your most complex and specialised challenges; develop your strategic and operational plans; and improve the efficiency of your operations.

Information to act on

This is our core offer. As with a conventional consultancy, we deliver technical, commercial and financial knowledge. Where we differ is that we also use the hands-on, problem-solving experience we’ve gained at senior levels within the sector to implement plans quickly and effectively. Both elements are essential to gaining advantage in this ultra-competitive market.

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Cost-effective consultancy

We operate as a small core team linked to an international network of experienced, independent pharma professionals.

We have all the resources of a major firm, with few of the overheads - our consultants only become a cost factor when operating on projects. And once they are on board, there’s no time wasted on learning curves. Our people speak your language, understand your business and can start adding value from the outset.

For you, that means tailor-made, high-impact consulting services at highly competitive rates.

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Specialist teams

To ensure that we are aligned with our clients’ needs and operations, we are structured like a pharmaceutical company, with specialist teams focusing on critical industry functions: 

  • Strategy and corporate development
  • Due diligence / M&A support
  • Business development and licensing
  • Operations and supply chain
  • Regional sales, trade and distribution
  • Technical Group including Quality; GMP and regulatory affairs
  • R&D pipeline development
  • Mature brand and LOE strategy
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Markets we serve

  • Generic Pharmaceuticals
  • OTC
  • Brand Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotech
  • Fine Chemicals
  • Specialty Pharmaceuticals
  • Drug Delivery Systems and Medical Devices
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We'd like to help you grow your business. To begin the conversation, please contact Paul Mendelsohn on +44(0)20 8208 0182
or paul@pharma-wise.com